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Each Minimum[Book]
is a unique piece.
Giuseppe Amato studio
based in Milano, Italy.
Minimum[Book] is sold
exclusively online.
Wood, Stainless Steel, Slate and Alabaster.
Contemporary Italian cabinetmaking.
Precious primary materials
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MinimumBook is an Italian bookcase made using highest quality Italian materials; it can be adapted to numerous shapes and sizes.

Lavagna Bookcase

The Lavagna Bookcase is MinimumBook's first model. In this design, seasoned, rooted oak (quercia in radice), is coupled with excavated slate.

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Volterra Bookcase

For the Volterra Bookcase we researched to find noble and rare prime materials: oak wood and stainless steel, excavated slate and alabaster from Volterra.

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Suspended Bookcase

This suspended bookcase maintains the same characteristics as that of the Lavagna Bookcase. Although designed to be suspended, it can also be attached to the wall and can be utilized in unusually shaped spaces.

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'Barrique' Wine Cellar

MinimumBook's Wine Cellar model is designed to hold bottles, either arranged upright on shelves or lying horizontally. One of the shelves is designed to also hold books.

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MinimumBook Accessories

Personalise your MinimumBook with accessories in limited editions, inspired by Italy's history and traditions.

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Project Preview

progetti in anteprima

The world of MinimumBook is constantly evolving; it's not just about bookcases and libraries but everything to do with books. Discover the latest.

MinimumBook's assembly

MinimumBook's assembly is simple and intuitive. Either enjoy assembling it yourself or delegate to a trusted handyman, following the instructions which you'll find inside the box. If you watch our video you'll see how we mounted a large bookcase in just 30 minutes.

MinimumBook Customized

If you have special design needs or requirements, you can ask for our customized service. A team of expert designers will assist you in realizing your ideas. Buy the MinimumBook Customized package.


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How we build a MinimumBook bookcase!

Drilling the world

How we build a MinimumBook bookcase!


How we build a MinimumBook bookcase!